QFX: The Ultimate Image Editing Solution

QFX for Windows combines the capabilities of the following programs in a single image editing program:


The QFX Way: QFX takes a unique approach to image creation by integrating the features of both a paint and a draw program into one application. Strictly paint programs like Photoshop let you paint and retouch, but cannot work with layouts of objects, text and images in a resolution independent way. Why is that important? Imagine creating a complex image for your web page and then your boss or client comes back and asks to use that same image on the cover of a brochure or in an advertisement. That modest image you created for the web is not going to hold up when enlarged to the 300 DPI or more required to reproduce in print. What to do? You will have to do all that work again, unless of course, you created it in QFX. Images created in QFX Draw mode are resolution independent and can be rendered at the resolution suitable to the application. Strictly draw programs like CorelDRAW work similar to QFX, but have no paint capabilities. No brushes, no masking, no transparency, no plug-in filter effects, and so on. If you want to do a little airbrushing or retouching, apply some filters or change the color, contrast or brightness of your image, you will have to switch to another program. Sure, some draw programs ship with companion paint programs, but that is another program to maintain and learn. And, you have to switch back and forth between two programs, cutting and pasting or copying files back and forth. With QFX you have the best of both worlds, just one button click away, right in the same program window, in the same image. Furthermore, QFX has features that the draw-only programs do not, like soft edge objects, transparent objects, automatic shadows, glows and embosses and the ability to apply to objects paint-only effects like posterize, mosaic and pixellate as well as filters for blurring and sharpening and more. Add to all this the other power features of QFX (see below) and you will never again want to use two programs when there is one program that can do it all.

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