The Magic Separator

Magic Separator LogoThe Magic Separator plug-in creates high quality CMYK color separations from RGB images. A copy of the plug-in is included with each copy of QFX. Magic Separator creates CMYK color separations suitable for use in prepress applications. These separations can be printed directly by offset or lithographic methods or placed inside documents in page layout programs such as PageMakerTM and QuarkXPressTM. The Magic Separator plug-in includes options for customizing the color separations produced, with the following controls and features:

Making separations from QFX is fast and simple. Just open an image, select Export-Magic Separator... from the File menu and when the Magic Separator dialog appears, click OK and select a file name for saving the separations. That's it!

Here is what some industry professionals are saying about Magic Separator:

"Magic Separator does the CMYK conversion with better fidelity than with any curves you can develop, no matter how much time and effort you expend".

"It is the best color separation software currently on the market. We rate it a 10."

The Magic Separator software was created by Magic Software Company an ISTR Business and is distributed by Ron Scott, Inc under license. The Magic Separator Windows version plug-in and interface was developed by Ron Scott, Inc.