QFX combines the features of both a paint and a draw program in a single integrated graphics environment. QFX makes it easy to build complex layouts with impressive speed by utilizing an object-oriented paradigm, complete with floating layers, transparent and soft edge masking, multiple complex effects and real time photographic compositing. QFX supports industry standard plug-ins, scanners and digital cameras and the most popular file formats. QFX is powerful, mature and easy to use, yet has not succumbed to becoming "bloat-ware" to maintain its state-of-the-art features. It is equally suited to creating or editing large images for prepress applications or modest size images for the web site or other Internet or multimedia applications.
QFX supports Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7-10.

QFX™ version 9 Is Here!
QFX 9 adds the following new features to the list of impressive features already in QFX:
  • Improved support for Windows Vista and 7, including new required HTML Help files and revamped install/uninstall.
  • Correct and create perspective. Works in both Paint and Draw mode.
  • A new Dust brush for removing dust and small blemishes.
  • Support for EXIF and IPTC information embedded in Tiff and Jpeg image files.
  • The new Thumbnail Gallery displays images, Lassos and objects in film-strip fashion across the bottom, top, left or right edge of the main program window.
  • The Thumbnails Browser now allows the selection of multiple images for opening, copying and deleting files.
  • Select the width, offset and color of the border printed around images in the Page Setup dialog. The new @CAPTION keyword automatically inserts the text from the Caption field of the IPTC Information for the image (if any).
  • User-defined bitmaps for any button in the main Toolbar.
  • New Between alignment option for Exact spacing in the Distribute Objects dialog. This option lets you specify the exact spacing between distributed objects.
  • Color Mixer method for the Monochrome Effect. This feature lets you select the exact amount of each color that is mixed to create the monochrome conversion and can simulate the effect of using color filters with black and white film.
  • Plus many new Queue commands and enhancements.
Buy Now! Buy or Upgrade to QFX 9 NOW!
  • Current QFX 8 users can upgrade to QFX 9 for only $69.
  • There is special upgrade pricing for users of older versions of QFX.
  • Users of competing image editing programs can take advantage of special upgrade pricing as well.
Check out some of the great features in QFX!
Thumbs Up! Here is what our users say about QFX:
  • "Awesome, unbelievable... really cool scripting"
  • "Ah, I love QFX - still my favorite after all these years!"
  • "First of all congratulations for the changes you made... It brings much better performance while working, especially in draw mode (using Efx) the changes are very sophisticated!"
  • "Software improvements are great....I use QFX for 3D work, using
    Lightwave 3D, and now I'll be able to export shapes as Illustrator files which will
    import into Lightwave!"
  • "The new version looks great."
  • "Congratulations on your new upgrade."
  • "Hi, love the software..."
  • "QFX was able to open and properly display a .JPG saved from Photoshop with bad header info when many other programs could not, even the Mac that created it. Made me look good, Thanks!"
  • "I have found the new functions very useful and the entire package on the whole seems much improved."
  • "I've used many types of painting software, from MacPaint to Photoshop and many others, and I've never used a program that I like better than QFX. It's a wonderful program. Please keep up the good work!"
  • "Just wanted to say how good your program is. We use it for our shade sail business to show customers what their new shade sail might look like. I probably only use about 10% of it's potential but I'm still learning. Your software has given our business a competitive edge over our competitors."
In the News Here is what PC Magazine says about QFX:
  • "For editing very large high-resolution images, QFX paved the way and continues to excel in this area...".

  • "QFX's masking options are quite extensive..."

  • "...an impressive Warp function..."

  • "We used QFX's brushes ... for precisely controlled, highly creative local edits and special effects that are not available in the other programs."

  • "QFX does a remarkable job of photo editing."

  • "QFX is a powerful program..."

  • "Color and gradient tools are also powerful and easy to control".

  • "QFX ... adds some novel twists to image editing."

  • "Even a simple set of commands such as Copy and Paste becomes a powerful tool, giving you control over the pasted object or image and its mask, transparency, size, angle, skew, location and blend."

  • "Another unusual feature is Window Linking, which connects two images and/or their alpha channels to generate interesting painting or filter effects."

  • "QFX ... shows flashes of genius...."



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