QFX Automation and Batch Processing

The Queue Function

QueueQFX is the first image editing program to offer built-in automation and batch operation. The Queue function is not just a macro recorder, but features a powerful BASIC-like scripting language complete with variables, expressions, conditionals, loops, branches, subroutines, forms, message boxes, error handling and more. In addition to automating repetitive processes, Queue scripts can open dialogs, call program functions, plug-ins or other programs and open and save image files. Queue scripts can be attached to keyboard keys to create hot keys. Or create Tool Bar macro buttons with your own icon design to play Queue scripts with a single mouse-click.

The Queue script syntax is similar to the familiar BASIC programming language. All the familiar program constructs are there including If...Then...Else conditional blocks, GoSub and GoTo commands for controlling program flow, user-defined variables, built-in functions for text and file handling, math expressions and more. Also included is an enhanced Loop command that makes it easy to create queues that can open, process and save a series of images. Image file names can be specified using wildcards, a numeric sequence or a list file. It is easy to create queues that can edit a series of animation frames or process multiple image files overnight.

Queue Edit DialogBuilding a Queue script is easy using the Queue Edit dialog. Just double-click a command in the Commands window of the Queue Edit dialog to copy it to the Current Queue window and display its parameters. To change a command's parameters, highlight the command in the current queue and type new values. You can also record a series of commands, then open the Queue Edit dialog to add or delete commands or to change parameters. Or create a complex Queue script by a combination of editing, recording, and merging text from other Queue scripts. The Queue Edit dialog menus provide commands for all text editing operations including Find, Find Next and Replace functions. The Test command checks for syntax errors, unsupported commands, missing files and out-of-range values.

WebFolio Example

QFX ships with many sample Queue scripts included. Modify these to suit your needs or use them as is. One of the most powerful examples is WebFolio, a Queue script that makes it easy to create a web-based portfolio or on-line catalog of images quickly and easily. WebFolio has its own Help documentation accessed by clicking the Help button in the WebFolio dialog. WebFolio not only generates all the images but also creates the HTML document (web page) with options for background and text color as well as header and footer text and the layout of the thumbnail images. You even have the option to add drop shadows to your images to enhance the look of your page. WebFolio will also upload all the images and files to your web site automatically. Whether you want to put some family photos on your personal web site or create a catalog of product images for a commercial site, this easy-to-use tool will do the job for you. And because its written in Queue script, you can modify it to suit your taste or add more features.